What is TEAMability’s mission?

Working in collaboration with communities and families, TEAMability gives individuals with disabilities opportunities to achieve their potential and experience the joy of success

What ages of individuals with special needs will you serve at TEAMability?

We welcome individuals with special needs of ALL ages. A special need does not disappear when someone becomes an adult. In fact, there are often more challenges for individuals with disabilities when they reach adulthood.

What makes TEAMability different?

At TEAMability, we see ability first. For over 20 years we have worked with children and adults with complex disabilities, revealing their human potential, helping them discover their own abilities and experience the joy of meaningful participation in life.

Learning is an active process. We learn best by doing. TEAMability’s innovative approach integrates occupational/physical/speech therapy goals into enjoyable, meaningful, motivating activities that encourage exploration, experimentation, and the discovery of ability. Our state-of-the-art environment promotes independent learning and active participation in life.

What programs are available at TEAMability?

Pediatric and Adult Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapies for Persons with Special Needs

Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) Assessments

Caregiver Support and Education Program

Professional Education Program for educators, therapists and physicians

School District Support

For more information please call 210.733.9050

What are the eligibility requirements to receive services from TEAMability?

The primary reason for therapy. Behavior management is not the reason for therapy.

A physician’s order for therapy services has been obtained by the family.

The patient has medical insurance or will pay for therapies based on a sliding scale.

Where is TEAMability located?

TEAMability is located inside Morgan's Multi-Assistance Center. Our address is 5210 Thousand Oaks Dr., Suite 1333, San Antonio, TX 78233. Our phone number is210.733.9050. 

Can I come by for a tour of TEAMability?

Our approach is unique. Nobody is doing the work we are doing, which can make it difficult to fully understand what takes place at TEAMability. But we know that seeing is believing. We invite you to tour our new state-of-the-art facility located at Morgan's Multi-Assistance Center, commonly referred to as The MAC. Witness the children in action and experience their joy of newfound skills. 

Contact us by calling 210.733.9050 to schedule a tour. 

What is the Multi-Assistance Center The MAC?

The MAC is a center that improves the lives of individuals with disabilities and special needs through comprehensive and coordinated services. The MAC’s services use a family-centered approach with full collaboration between the family, MAC Member, and community partners known as MACers. TEAMability is the Therapy Anchor at The MAC. 

How do I know if I'm eligible for services at The MAC?

Morgan's MAC serves people of all ages who have physical or mental impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities or with a history or claim of disability who live in Texas.

Call  210.817.3935 for more information. 

How do I become a MAC Member?

Call 210.817.3935 or email MACinfo@morganswonderland.com for information.

What type of insurance is accepted by TEAMability?

TEAMability is a licensed Medicaid and Medicare outpatient clinic. We accept most commercial insurances. Please call our office at 210.733.9050 for specific information about insurance coverage. 

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