A family-centered approach

Morgan's Multi-Assistance Center

Morgan’s Multi-Assistance Center, or The MAC, is a center that improves the lives of individuals with disabilities and special needs through comprehensive and coordinated services. The MAC’s services use a family-centered approach with full collaboration between the family, MAC Members, and community partners known as MACers. These partners provide healthcare, therapy, social services, and other services which all come together to make up the disabilities and special needs multi-assistance center at The MAC.

Ready to become a MAC Member?

Contact the MAC team at 210.817.3935 or MACinfo@morganswonderland.com

The Navigator serves as the single point of contact to facilitate communication and services among MAC members, MAC partners, caregivers, and family. Everyone with a disability or special need that comes to The MAC is assigned a Navigator, who assesses each MAC Member’s situation and patiently guides them to workable solutions to meet their needs.

The Navigator conducts a comprehensive Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) assessment with each member to ascertain all areas of need to include medical, therapeutic, social, financial, educational, or legal. The MAC Member relates their story and circumstances which are entered into the electronic platform (MAC Nav System) for referrals, tracking, and updates as services are received.

The Navigator ensures that an individualized MAC Care Plan™ is created for each MAC Member.  The Navigator serves as a trusted partner for MAC Members and their families. Navigation services are provided at no charge to MAC Members and are available for all individuals with disabilities and special needs who receive MAC assistance.

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