Improving Functional Mobility & Gaining Independence

Our TEAM of physical therapists is dedicated to helping our patients improve their functional mobility and gain further independence.  Our TEAM works with children and adults who have a wide variety of motor dysfunctions including motor planning; motor control; postural control and alignment; initiation of movement; gait; stair mobility; transfers; and sitting and standing balance. 


The physical therapy profession began in Greece thousands of years ago.

Specialized Equipment and Accessible Adapted Environments

Our clinic is equipped with specialized equipment and accessible adapted environments that promote active participation in life activities. 

  • Standing frames and our unique overhead tracking system allow us to work on weight bearing through the extremities, motor planning and postural alignment/control.
  • Gait trainers, treadmills, walkers and the overhead tracking system allow for initiation of movement, gait training, and improved independent mobility. 
  • The sensory room allows for use of black light, spot-light, and other illuminated activities to improve visual attention, decrease distraction and improve focus on tasks. Physical therapy goals such as weight bearing through their extremities are practiced while actively participating in fun, meaningful activities.
  • The Home Lab allows for practice of transfers to from tub, shower, toilet, bed other seating surfaces as well as learning to navigate in a typical home environment.
  • The foam blocks and shapes in our soft play-room allow for mobility over dynamic surfaces. Improving balance and coordination this specialized environment is ideal for achieving developmental milestone such as rolling and crawling while exploring and discovering how to move through space.
  • The swing room provides the opportunity for practicing sitting balance, grasping and self-initiated movement.  

We are a State-of-the-Art Clinic

The Hocoma Andago

The Hocoma Andago challenges patients inside or outside the therapy environment while training functional balance and walking.  Mobile robotic technology senses the patient’s movement and actively follows while providing dynamic body weight support and protection from falls.

The Hocoma Armeo

The Hocoma Armeo Spring supports a wide range of patients.  Its exoskeleton with arm weight support amplifies the smallest traces of movement for patients who need to regain active movement.  Strength and range of motion improve through active, repetitive arm movements.

The Hocomo Erigo

The Hocomo Erigo provides the opportunity for early mobilization and gradual verticalization during rehabilitation.  Robotic leg movement and functional electrical stimulation provide stimulation to the central nervous system and reduce muscle atrophy.


The Trexo

The Trexo is a versatile robotic tool to help most children with different levels of motor dysfunction experience independent walking.  The Trexo remembers each child’s range of motion and allows the therapists to set specific gait patterns, speed of steps, amount of weight bearing and level of support provided. Its two modes – strength and endurance – lead to improved  independent walking.

The Overhead Tracking and Harness System

The Overhead Tracking and Harness System is designed to give wheelchair users the opportunity to move their legs, learn to bear their own weight, balance while standing and initiate movement through space in an upright position.  Wearing a harness, the user is able to initiate movement along the ceiling track thereby gaining access to objects for exploration, discovery and interaction.  Other benefits of upright positioning include improved coordination of arms and legs, blood circulation, breathing, intestinal function, muscle strength, and bone structure.

The Universal Exercise Unit

The Universal Exercise Unit, or Spider Cage, uses a belt and bungee cords to provide dynamic assistance to maintain an upright position.  The Spider Cage can allow a child to stand without a therapist’s assistance while allowing freedom of movement and facilitating balance.  Using pulleys and weights, strengthening exercises improve functional skills such as sitting, crawling and walking.


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