Extending Support

TEAMability believes that the knowledge and skills of our highly qualified therapists and special educators must extend beyond the child’s therapy sessions into their daily life. We strive to form partnerships with school districts. Collaboration between TEAMability, school and home allows working together to teach skills in the child’s natural environments and offers more frequent opportunities to practice skills in real-life settings. 

15% of all public school students require special education.

We offer a variety of services to school districts

Individual Student Programming

TEAMability conducts individual student assessments for Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapies both at the request  the school district and parents. TEA Certified Teachers of the Visually Impaired conduct Cortical Visual Impairment Range Assessments, Orientation and Mobility Assessments and Functional Vision/Learning Media Assessments. Results are presented to parents and are reviewed at the student’s IEP meeting upon request. Assistance is also provided to teachers and parents for the development of realistic and attainable IEP goals that are based on the child’s current abilities.

Educator and Related Services Staff Training and Support

TEAMability is a Texas Education Agency Continuing Professional Education provider. We are an onsite learning lab and welcome school teams to collaborate with our TEAM and observe their students learning and practicing new skills during their therapy sessions at TEAMability. Workshops for one or more ISD teachers and therapists are available and include options to learn best practices in Pre-Symbolic Communication; Assistive Technology; Active Learning; Cortical Visual Impairment.

Supplemental Student Services

TEAMability’s unique, specialized, state-of-the-art learning environments are not available in most school districts. Districts may opt to contract with TEAMability for the provision of supplemental services at TEAMability. These services are based on individual student goals and are built on close collaboration between TEAMability, ISD team members and parents.  

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