Giving Everyone a Voice

Speech Therapy at TEAMability is a family-centered practice with a focus on treatment outcomes to enhance independence in the home, school, work, and community. Teaching in natural contexts and providing training for communication partners (including peers) is our guiding principle.

We pride ourselves as a training facility with an integrative approach and we provide an open and supportive climate for students in training to facilitate academic, professional and personal development with the support of mentors from multiple disciplines. 

Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, and Elton John overcame speech disorders.

We Provide Comprehensive Communication Support

Our certified and State Licensed Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Language Pathologist Assistants serve children and adults who have:

Organic or functional speech sound problems

related to motor/neurological disorders, structural abnormalities, and sensory/perceptual disorders. 

Augmentative and Alternative Communication needs

via conducting a comprehensive, transdisciplinary, culturally, and linguistically relevant AAC assessment utilizing a system feature match methodology and clinical data to support recommendations for device selection and funding options. We design, evaluate and innovate appropriate, individualized communication systems based on  a continuum of no-technology to high-technology supports in order to optimize communication for individuals with complex communication needs.

Social communication and other language deficits

using programs and techniques such as video modeling, social discourse, and milieu therapy so that the individual is better able to develop relationships and actively participate in everyday life.

Cortical Vision Impairment AAC users

via ongoing collaboration and cotreatment sessions with Teachers for the Visually Impaired to identify AAC tools, technologies, services, and interventions. 

Cognitive-communication deficits

with functional approaches, project-based intervention,  and task Analysis as well as, augmentative and alternative communication. 

Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder and Swallowing Disorders

through a comprehensive approach targeting muscular coordination, sensory processes, postural and positioning techniques, diet modifications, adaptive equipment, and maneuvers/exercise feeding strategies.

Adults with acquired and innate neurological conditions

via collaborative approach, such as OT, PT, teachers of the visually impaired and vocational rehabilitation therapists as appropriate. We assess and treat functional work and community-based skills in context and implement necessary accommodations for maximum outcomes.

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